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The company Plastika - Andrej Mesojedec s.p. has grown into one of the largest Central European specialized packaging companies in more than thirty years. We sell products from production in Ljubljana to the markets of Eastern, Western and Southern Europe. We have become a leading manufacturer of various packaging materials. The recognition for successful work is confirmed by the certificates for quality ISO 9001: 2015 and for environmental protection ISO 14001: 2015 and the certificate for the food safety management system ISO 22000: 2005

Today, under the brandname Stratum, we produce various materials, from stretch foils to polyethylene heat-shrinkable foils, flexible packaging and environmentally friendly Eco foils. The product range is diverse and extensive. The development of technology and the growing demands of the market are everyday challenges for us. We adapt production and products to our customers.

Sneberska cesta 140a
1260 Ljubljana

ID SI 94180318
Matična številka: 5784923

Andrej Mesojedec, direktor

T: +386 1 586 28 90
M: +386 41 611 168


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