Agro programme

AGRO stretch films

The agro stretch film in white or green is designed for the packing of silage fodder. It is designed to store individual bales of hay or silage fodder. This 5-layer film is highly flexible and extremely resistant to blows and punctures as well as weather conditions (sun, rain, etc.).

It offers optimum protection against adverse effects of oxygen on fodder. Its outdoor endurance is up to 12 months. It is easily used on all kinds of wrapping machines. Only one side of the film is adhesive (the side that is located on the inside of the bale); therefore the bales do not stick together. If used properly, the film keeps all of the nutritional value of the packed fodder. It represents a safe, easy, and economic method of producing and storing fodder.

AGRO bale net

It is used to pre-wrap bales of silage fodder, to store hay and straw, and to wrap pallets. The agro bale net provides firmness and good looks to wrapped bales and facilitates their manipulation and storage. The time used for wrapping is substantially shorter (by approximately 50%) when using agro bale net, compared to the use of yarn. The agro bale net is easier to remove than yarn; therefore the time used for preparing bales for feeding is shorter.

The agro bale net can be UV stabilized for a period of one year, which is not necessary, if it is used under agro stretch film.

The net for pallet wrapping is used for fixing those goods on a pallet that require aeration (agricultural products).