Steam - permeable roof foils

Steam – permeable roof foils are used for all sloped roofing systems. They are steam-permeable on the outside, but protect the inside against moisture and wind. They are placed under the roof cover, and an air channel is to be provided in between. Steam – permeable roof foils replace panels, as they are cheaper and also faster and easier to lay.

Vapour barrier foils

These foils are made from two layers of polyethylene and one layer of reinforced netting. An additional aluminium layer reflects and sends steamy heat and moisture back into the room. The purpose of the film is to protect the heat insulation against moisture that passes from the internal habitable area to the roofing. The installed net gives additional strength to the film, enabling self-support and keeping the heat insulation among the beams.

Vapour barrier foils are placed on the inside of the heat insulation, while the aluminium layer must face the habitable area. The joints are glued together with joint strips. By using vapour barrier foils, we keep the heat insulation dry, allowing it to maintain its function and preventing its decay. The foils can be used with roofing structures as well as for the insulation of walls and floors.