Food packaging

Flexible packaging extends the duration of products, as it preserves health safety of foods or packed products. It meets strict legal regulations governing the use in food and other industries. Modern consumerism where there are more and more packed fresh meats and other perishables sold in grocery shops, and small packages are on the rise, only adds to the usefulness of flexible packaging.


Especially for coffee, we have developed various types of packaging films (duplex, triplex, and bio – no aluminium) for vacuum and atmosphere controlled packaging. We pay special attention to easy opening. We offer films for a variety of packaging forms: pads, vacuum packaging, stand up pouches …

Dry programme

The most suitable for the dry programme are high quality films (usually duplex) characterised by their high oxygen, aroma, and taste barriers, however simpler films should not be excluded. All films suit the different packing methods (in packing these products, we usually use the flow pack system).

Frozen programme

In addition to film for the wrapping of various types of frozen products (fruits, vegetables, bakery products, etc.), we have developed films for the most challenging products that may damage the packaging (e.g. heavy or sharpedged foods).

Fresh programme

The films are intended for the packaging of fresh foods (meats, processed meats, cheeses, butter, etc.). For this kind of packing in controlled atmosphere or for vacuum packaging, we mostly use special materials, and high quality, high oxygen, aroma, and taste barrier films. They are distinguished for excellent mutual adhesiveness and the ability to adhere to other materials. We also offer thermoforming films (trays).

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