Stretch hood

A stretch hood is an elastic extendible sleeve used to protect goods on pallets. A special automatic machine stretches the stretch hood sleeve, welds it on top, and pulls it onto the loaded pallet. After pulling out the forks, the sleeve tightly closes around the goods on the pallet, protecting them and stabilising the pallet at the same time. It offers excellent protection during transportation and excellent protection against the intrusion of moisture and impurities. One advantage of a stretch hood is that the material itself is flexible and does not require heat in order to shrink. Stretch hood sleeves are suitable for packing various products, e.g. cement, lime, brick, household appliances, empty packaging, beverages, etc. They are particularly suitable for use in the chemical industry where the use of electric heaters is not allowed due to the properties of packed products. Stretch hoods offer the optimum grab and strengthen pallets with heavier loads, where the possibility of falling off may increase.

Stretch hood sleeves are transparent and adjusted according to the size of the pallet. Material consumption decreases substantially (even up to 50 %) with the use of stretch hoods, compared to the use of thermo-shrinkable cover hoods.